Milestone for new home for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

Plans for a new building on ETH’s Hönggerberg campus have taken a major step forward, thanks to a generous donation from UBS. The new space is to be a centre of dialogue and collaboration for creative students, the entrepreneurial ETH community, business and society.

Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

24. August 2022

ETH Zurich and UBS are launching a strategic partnership to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Over a ten-year period, UBS will invest up to CHF 20 million in two joint initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and innovation and raise interest in STEM subjects. In addition to these two initiatives, UBS will also make a donation of up to CHF 20 million to support the construction of a new ETH building on the Hönggerberg campus. The building will be a meeting platform for students and young entrepreneurs with business and society that will make an important contribution to ETH as an educational and innovative institution and strengthen Zurich and Switzerland as an innovation and business location. Thanks to the commitment of primary partner UBS, other organisations and numerous private individuals, CHF 25 million has already been raised to finance the space. For the remaining CHF 15 million further partners and donors are being sought.

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Gustav Baumann
Felicien Clavien
Andreas Meyer
Dr. Hans Weber
Bernard Gruhl
Karin Moser-Fletsberger
René Beller
Fernando Gallusser
Franco Donati
Dr. Rita Locher
Doris Cordero
Lukas Schwab
Ulrich Graf
Heinz Lüthi
Dr. Kasra Hazeghi
Walter Herrmann*
Hans-Ulrich Burkhart
Rudolf Herter
Prof. Rolf Zurbrügg*
Dr. Bernhard Michael Seebass
Dr. Peter Keller
Oliver Jan Tschichold
Dr. Stefano Musso
Dr. Raphael Suard
Adrian Mäder
Arno Bruderer
Hugo von Gunten
Dr. Alejandro Ojeda Gonzalez
Patrick Sommer
Prof. Dr. Léopold Pflug
Dr. Detlef Junghans
Dr. Claudine Blaser
Hans Ammann
Dr. Rok Sekolec
Dr. Martin Syz
Jan Loopuyt
Marco Andrea Bolandini
Dr. Peter Schudel
Rolf Renggli
Pierre Bagnoud
Prof. Dr. Fritz Fahrni*
René Pedron
Simon Schoch
Hrvoje Krizic
Catherine Leu
Thomas W. Hauser
Dr. Hans Tschamper
Cesar Montesinos
Hanna Brahme
Dr. Johannes M. Ebersold
Jürg Ulrich
Dieter Schenk
Dominique Gisin
Prof. Dr. Joël Mesot
Dr. Christophe Bourban
Stephan Schweizer
Giosiana Codoni
Bettina Bachmann-Herzig
Dr. Bernhard Grob
Dr. Patrik Reali
Dr. Thierry Maeder
Léa Le Bars
Dr. Urs Heimgartner
Leonardo Rodoni
Dr. Fritz Krieg
Dr. Philippe Corboz
Gabriele Guido Remo Ghiringhelli
Karl A. Rahm
Urs M. Schneider
Dr. Christian-Thomas Monn
Paul Meili
Prof. Adolf Müller*
Bernhard Horrisberger
Dr. Theodor Felder
Klaus D. Floessel
Prof. Dr. Peter Rieder
Erich Ramer
Thomas Schmid
Dr. Nicola Grillo
Cornelia Angehrn
Isabella Mori
Leah Cueni
Dr. Dimitar Asenov
Dr. Stephan B. Navert
Christoph Spichty
Dr. Philipp Frauenfelder
Rudolf Mätzener
Dr. Willy Wunderlin
Alessandra Sofia Arizzi
Hermann Kunz
Hans Rudolf Krähenbühl
Daniel Häfliger
Dr. Beat Fluri
Dr. Peter Anker
Hans-Hinnerk Spindler
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Tröster
Dr. Isabella Pasqualini
Dr. Mahmoud El Guindi
Dr. Sándor Gáti
Dr. Matthias Schmid
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