Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

Smart architecture creates added value

Modern forms of work and ecological sustainability

The new building on the ETH Hönggerberg campus will be the new home for student associations, the Student Project House and ETH Entrepreneurship. Its aim is to combine student initiatives and projects right through to spin-offs under one roof. In open offices, multi-purpose rooms, workshops and meeting areas, the young talents will exchange ideas across disciplines and organizations, fuel each other with ideas and find new collaborations. Entrepreneurial activity and craftsmanship are given space as well as student creativity and sociability. The diverse interactions contribute to the fact that the new building becomes an inspiring and pulsating ecosystem in which the young talents can gain irreplaceable experience and take their first steps towards entrepreneurship.

  • The architecture enables flexible use of space and promotes exchange
  • Energy concept and photovoltaic system
  • Regional wood serves the sustainable use of building materials
  • Green roof terrace and outside space create a natural balance
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

Facts & Figures

New “EQUILIBRES” building with 9,100 m2 of usable space by ARGE Buchner Bründler Planer AG / Rapp Architekten AG

  • Various user groups:
    • Student associations VSETH and SOSETH
    • Student Project House
    • Entrepreneurial student groups ETH Juniors and ETH Entrepreneur Club
    • ETH Entrepreneurship
    • ETH Pioneer Fellows und ETH Spin-offs
  • Meeting place and lighthouse
  • Investment volume ca. CHF 70 million
  • Start of construction 2024/2025 / commissioning approx. 2028
  • Third-party funding required CHF 40 million
  • Start of construction only with secured financing
  • Project management ETH Real Estate:

Visualisations: Buchner Bründler Architekten / Filippo Bolognese Images

Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Francesco Delmué
Prof. Dr. André Jaecklin*
Walter Ernst
Istvan Vig
Robert Studer
Francis Kuhlen
Dr. Marc Weibel
Ernst Bolomey
Dr. Peter Schudel
Dr. Sven B. Rump
Marti Dienstleistungen AG
Dr. Bettina Ernst
Dr. Jakob Lattmann
Dr. Jean-Claude Griesser
Aimone Castelli
Marcel Rikli-Melliger
Dr. Philipp Schlegel
Aikaterini Tsampazi
Stefan Radat
Peter F. Lustenberger
Klaus Bruggisser
Oskar Hugentobler* sel.
David Kaiser
Jakob Keller sel.
Dr. Stefan Bantle
Martin Angehrn
Dr. Peter Hemmi
Claudia Susanne Rüfenacht-Müller
Thomas Rupp
Dr. Viton Vitanis
Diego Meier
Ralph Kienle
Max Ferdinand Quast
Thomas Paroubek
Familie Rhomberg*
Kaspar Niklaus
Aurélie Tanner
Cristina Piccapietra
Bernhard Brodowsky
Roman Schilter
Dr. Harald Winteler
Dr. Walter Ruh
Patrick Burgherr
Dr. Stefano Torriani
Cornelia Angehrn
David Mettler
Fabian Schmid
Dr. Simon Jermann
Dr. Patric S. Bieler
Milko Kostadinov
Dr. Roger Daccord
Thomas D. Meyer
Paul Meili
Raphael Rietmann
Dr. Raphael Suard
Dr. André Paul Buchel*
Helene Orunesu
Adrien Alkabes
Fred Steiger
Dr. Dominik Renggli
Ulrich Schmidhauser
Dr. Meinrad Ammann
Jean-Bernard Vauclair
Dr. Hanspeter Brändli
Christian Niggli
Bojana Kačar Stupar
Joseph Hüsler
Dr. Rudolf Hess
Michel Kammermann
Dr. Ivo Locher
Gustav Baumann
Dr. Peter Leikauf
Max-Ulrich Zellweger
Friedrich Wilda
Matteo Grasso
Dr. Christian Adlhart
Dr. Marco Fell
Dr. Guy de Weck
Gilgian Leuzinger
Dr. Richard Braun
Dr. Fabian Unteregger
Thomas Pfluger
Dr. Kurt Pernstich
Melik Hajri
Ernst Gujer
Oskar Furrer
Lukas Limacher
Regula Fehr-Heer
Ignaz Bachmann
Marc Schiely
Ulrich Keller
Beat Keller
Dr. Miroslav Svercel
Dr. Michael Schneider
Prof. Dr. Judith Ann McKenzie
Dr. Stefano Oberti
Emma Frances Creed
Stefan Schäublin
Jürg Ulrich
Robert Henauer
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