ETH Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

Smart architecture creates added value

Modern forms of work and ecological sustainability

The new building on the ETH Hönggerberg campus is intended to combine all student initiatives and activities under one roof. In open offices, multi-purpose rooms, workshops and meeting areas, the young talents will exchange ideas across disciplines and organizations, fuel each other with ideas and find new collaborations. Entrepreneurial activity and craftsmanship are given space as well as student creativity and sociability. The diverse interactions contribute to the fact that the new building becomes an inspiring and pulsating ecosystem in which the young talents can gain irreplaceable experience and take their first steps towards entrepreneurship.

  • The architecture enables flexible use of space and promotes exchange
  • Energy concept and photovoltaic system
  • Regional wood and rammed earth serve the sustainable use of building materials
  • Green roof terrace and outside space create a natural balance
ETH Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
ETH Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
ETH Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

Facts & Figures

New “EQUILIBRES” building with 9,100 m2 of usable space by ARGE Buchner Bründler Planer AG / Rapp Architekten AG

  • Various user groups:
    • Student associations VSETH and SOSETH
    • Student Project House
    • Competition teams
    • Entrepreneurial student groups ETH Juniors and ETH Entrepreneur Club
    • ieLab and ETH Pioneer Fellows
    • ETH spin-offs
  • Meeting place and lighthouse
  • Investment volume CHF 58 million
  • Start of construction 2024 / commissioning 2027
  • Third-party funding required CHF 20 million
  • Start of construction only with secured financing
  • Project management ETH Real Estate:

Visualisations: ARGE Buchner Bründler Planer AG / Rapp Architekten AG

ETH Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Andreas Rüesch
Jasmin Rahel Nüssli
Dr. Werner Witz
Dr. Emmanuel de Haller
Bernhard A. Gysi
Tobias Esswein
Erica Rickenbacher Weidmann
Ralf Naef
Moritz Bickel
Prof. Dr. Josef Reissner
Dr. Thomas Rosatzin
Dr. Beat Rick
Eric Stadtmann
Jakob Keller
Cuno Lanz
Fiorenzo Enrico Melera
Bettina Bachmann-Herzig
Dr. Matti Brändli
Andrea Zeller
Cristian Marcovici
Robert N. Suter
Dr. Werner Büsch
Dr. Hanspeter Brändli
Franco Brenni
Werner Woodtli
Werner Keller-Wüger
Dr. Michael Schneider
Gilgian Leuzinger
Dr. Leonardo Vannotti
Dr. Werner Guyer
Gabriel Prêtre
Jacques Chavaz
Jakob Steinmann
Carlo Antonio Rossi
Dr. Jean-Pierre Calame
Dr. Marcel Tschumi
Dr. Dimitrios Gyalistras
Dr. Werner K. Baumann
Gregory Mirko Xavier Guglielmetti
Jonas Hadorn
Pierre Alex Miauton
Hans-Ueli Bächi
Sandra Hauser
Dr. Willy Schüep
Dr. René Lanz
Prof. Dr. Anton Wutz
Dr. Jürg Merz
Johann Kaufmann
Anita Mattei
Dr. Thomas Thaler
Bruno Baumann
Hanspeter Bachofner
Jacques Ropraz
Dr. Thomas Isenschmid
Dr. Osvaldo Daldini
Dr. Walter Jung
Roland Junck
Jürg Zuber
Prof. Dr. Albert Waldvogel
Hrvoje Krizic
Dr. André Paul Buchel
Beat Furrer
Dr. Reinhard Müller
Dr. Anna Prêtre-Grignoli
Muriel Nikles
Anja Tscherfinger
Dr. Marco Frei
Lea Stöckli
Jürg Strasser
Dr. Kurt Eggenberger
Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Springman
Hansjürg Knaus-Spielmann
Dr. Judith Zimmermann
Adrian Mäder
Riccardo Semadeni
Dr. Christian Walter Frei
Philipp Elkuch
Gilbert Cornut
Dr. Philippe Corboz
Friedrich Durand
Jonas Hadorn
Benjamin Weber
Davide Longo
Joseph Hüsler
Dr. Hans-Peter Widmer
Philippe Merk
Gilbert Gugler
Dr. Giovanni Bonavia
Dr. Gabriele Gabrielli
Dr. Willy Wunderlin
Hans Jörg Fuhr
Dr. Walter Märki
Albert Dysli
Matej Janovjak
Dr. Hugo Schilling
Olivier Lombardi
Stephan Schweizer
Fredi Steiger
Urs Wili
Dr. Marc Dreyer
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