Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

A new home for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship

Modern forms of work and ecological sustainability

The new building on the ETH Hönggerberg campus will be the new home for student associations, the Student Project House and ETH Entrepreneurship. Its aim is to combine student initiatives and projects right through to spin-offs under one roof. In open offices, multi-purpose rooms, workshops and meeting areas, the young talents will exchange ideas across disciplines and organizations, fuel each other with ideas and find new collaborations. Entrepreneurial activity and craftsmanship are given space as well as student creativity and sociability. The diverse interactions contribute to the fact that the new building becomes an inspiring and pulsating ecosystem in which the young talents can gain irreplaceable experience and take their first steps towards entrepreneurship.

  • The architecture enables flexible use of space and promotes exchange
  • Energy concept and photovoltaic system
  • Regional wood serves the sustainable use of building materials
  • Green roof terrace and outside space create a natural balance
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs

Facts & Figures

  • Various user groups:
    • Student associations VSETH and SOSETH
    • Student Project House
    • Entrepreneurial student groups ETH Juniors and ETH Entrepreneur Club
    • ETH Entrepreneurship
    • ETH Pioneer Fellows und ETH Spin-offs
  • Meeting place and lighthouse
  • Project management ETH Real Estate:

Images: Jasmin Frei for ETH Zurich

Centre for Students & Entrepreneurs
Josien de Koning
Dr. Eric Cataldi-Spinola
Manuel John Mekkattu
Dr. Raphael Suard
Dr. Klaus-Peter Schäffer
Mario Graf
Peter Bloetzer
Leah Cueni
Willy Schenk
Christian Reiter
Prof. Jürg Wild
Anne-Lise & Philipp Lichtenberg
Philippe Schlumpf
Dr. Peter Merkli
Daniel Sigron
Jürg Herrmann
Jannis Born
Prof. Dr. Klaas Enno Stephan*
Markus Bieri
Constantin Schrafl
Robert Steiner
Madeleine Simmler Weiss
Dr. Bruno Baumgartner
Werner Kummer
Manuel Leuthold
Rudolf Ramseier
Therese Adam
Hrvoje Krizic
Horacio Gagliano
Reto Meyer
Dr. Matthias Weiss
Adrian Gex-Collet
Patrik Ernst
Dr. Ruth A. Peter-Ochsenbein
Prof. Dr. Anton Wutz
Sebastian Knüsel
Thomas Kraft
Salome Daniela Häcki
Pasqual Kyburz
Giacomo Pianta
Matthias Böller
Christine Sieber
Prof. Dr. Martin Lendi*
Jakob Neuburger
Max Ferdinand Quast
Stefan Jauslin
Theres Gindely Gerber
Dr. Olivier Braun
Dr. Harald Wippo
Matthias Rubin
Marco Bini
Dr. Bernhard Michael Seebass
Marc Pfenninger
Dr. Ilias Papagiannis
Rowan Klöti
Emil Schneider
Hans-Peter Grünenfelder
Peter Burkhalter
Kathrin Bolliger
Marco Raphael Stalder
Max Conz
Dr. Hans Weber
Kilian Lohner
Jean-Pierre Wildi
Reto Demostene
Jürg Meier
Matteo Simoni
Dr. Jörg-Martin Hohberg
Alois Mettler
Christian Kaiser
Manuel Lüscher
Astrid Matathia
Prof. Dr. John Lygeros*
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Girmscheid
Stefan Fritschi
Raphael Rietmann
Reto Weibel
Hans Rigendinger
Dr. Hermann Scheuber
Matteo Grasso
BKW Management AG
Dr. Christian Frank
Dr. Andrea Brambilla
Dr. Max Gasser
Kurt Hoppe
Dr. Rudolf Baumeler
Albert Dysli
Fanny Masson
Dr. Erich Hugi
Thomas Rupp
Ralph Franz Etter
David Scheiner
Franco Lurati
Jan Loopuyt
Hanspeter Fischer
Baris Güç
Jörg Erlacher
Dipl.-Ing. Beatrice Fasana
Roger Rolf Iten
Marcel Menet
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